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Corporate Profile

Beijing Damei Investment Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Damei Investment) was founded in 1994, with high-end real estate development as its core business along with other operations in financial investment, urban planning, business management, decoration and design, and property management. Damei Investment is an integrated business group with more than ten wholly owned subsidiaries.

Although Damei Investment started from its origins in property management services, its business integrity and step-by-step development approach has established a solid foundation that has enabled substantial growth into other sectors. The company has expanded rapidly and diversified from a single business model into multiple components, including financial investment, land development, and design and decorations.

Following the corporate development philosophy of “carving space, creating life,” Damei Investment has independently and jointly developed a number of real estate projects with considerable market impact. The launch of CBD International Mansion in 2004 officially inaugurated Damei Investment into the field of real estate development. In 2010, Damei seized the historic opportunity of CBD expansion by initiating the Damei Center project. Damei Center is a top-quality building complex that combines Chinese traditional culture with modern Western design concept, and it represents a benchmark in Damei’s real estate development. Damei Investment currently has more than ten projects under development including the Damei City Plaza, Four Seasons Garden, Damei Healthcare, and Yukou Urban Planning.

With its core focus in real estate development, Damei Investment is further expanding business operations into high-end shopping centers, 5A office buildings, art galleries, and serviced apartments. At the same time, Damei Investment is also actively participating in the development of senior assisted living facilities. Damei Investment is currently involved in every step of real estate development and operations, including investment and planning, development and construction, business management, and property management services.

Practicing eternal integrity and observing harmonious principle, Damei Investment has always been in the pursuit of excellence. With extensive market experience, strong financial support, good market reputation, and innovative development strategy, Damei Investment is a true pioneer in urban space development. Damei Investment aims to institute a cutting-edge global perspective of urban lifestyle and is dedicated to discovering the ultimate beauty in urban spaces of the modern era.